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  Address of wedding witness (1)

  Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

  Good noon!

  It is a great pleasure for me to testify for Mrs. XX and Mr. XX on their wedding day.

  In September 1997, I had the honor to become an English teacher of xx, and then a class teacher. For three years, I watched the growth of XX with my father and teacher's mentality. My father and XX are classmates and colleagues. At that time, XX was a good girl in class. Her English scores were good, and her preference was a bit too much. Later she went to Huazhong Agricultural University to study for undergraduate course, then to Peking University to study for doctor, and now she works in Shenzhen Institute of Environmental Science. After graduating from City No. 1 Middle School, XX either told me her plan by phone or came home with her classmates every once in a while. She came to my house and ignored her classmates, standing in the kitchen watching me and her mother cooking, talking about her condition. This child, we like it from the bottom of our hearts! And ah, I have taught students, some of the doctor, female doctor really not a few.

  I am also a daughter's father. I know the complex emotions of XX's parents. Children will leave their parents one day, without the care of their parents, what kind of future she will have! The elders can only pray that she will be patronized by God of Love, find her lover. Finally, a young man from Hunan Hengyang walked into XX's heart. His name is xx. He graduated from Nankai University. His graduate is from the School of Information Science and Technology of Peking University. He is currently working in Dongguan, Shenzhen.

  Xiaofu, a few years ago, I knew that there was a young man named XX in the life of xx, and I believe in the eyesight of xx! Today we entrust you with our beloved Enshi excellent daughter, you should cherish her well!


  Let us witness the happiest moments in their lives together.

  I wish you both love your whole life.

  I hope you will honor your parents and go home.

  I hope XX will pay attention to alma mater development and always remember Lantau Peak!

  Thank you for coming! I wish all the guests a happy family, a happy life, good health and all the best.

  Thank you!

  Wedding witness's speech (two)

  Leaders, guests, friends and family:

  Today, I am honored to witness this couple, the woman is smart and beautiful, the man is handsome and responsible, can say that their union is a natural pair! I hope that in the future life they can love each other, support each other, happy forever! I have not given anyone a witness, so I do not know what to say good, I think I wish. Blessing is really good!

  I and the groom Wang Jianxiang are good friends. He works in Shenzhen. He respects the leaders, shows filial piety to his parents, shows true affection to his friends and loves his relatives. Jianxiang is a great joy in life to be able to find a confidant who will accompany him all his life. As a witness, I declare that Mr. Wang Jianxiang and Ms. Dong Yuling are married, which conforms to the age of marriage stipulated in Article 6 of the Marriage Law of the People's Republic of China and advocates late marriage and late childbirth in accordance with the Population and Family Planning Law of the People's Republic of China. We look at this couple, is really a pair of talented men and women, heaven matched! Today's groom, it seems that the spring breeze is complacent, elegant, eyebrows can not hide the heart of great joy and happiness.

  As a witness, I have only spent a minute, and this couple is determined to spend a lifetime supporting each other to the white. Here I sincerely wish you: encourage each other at work; help each other in study; advance together in career; care for each other in life; respect and love each other; help each other through difficulties; More understanding, less excitement, more calmness, less suspicion in contradictions; the bride should honor her parents-in-law, husband and son; the groom should love his wife as he loves himself, but not become afraid of his wife. Finally, I wish the groom Wang Jianxiang and the bride Dong Yuling the best of luck. You must keep the romance and passion in your love life forever in your marriage and material life. Never lose touch with one another.

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